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Healing Gemstone Necklaces

Welcome to Dharma Goods and Tom Adams Design Jewelry. I have been fortunate to collect a wide variety of unique artifacts from India, Nepal, and other locations in Asia and I have integrated them with genuine semi-precious gemstones and a variety of metal beads from around the world, to create these one of a kind necklaces.

Most of the amulets and specialty beads that you see in this store were hand crafted by a group of Tibetan men and women living in Nepal. The purchase of these hand-crafted items helps to directly support these Tibetan refugees. I also donate 10% of all profits to help feed people around the world through Heifer International and to further support the lives of men, women and children still living in Tibet/China with food, clothing and education through the Raktrul Monastery in Kham, Eastern Tibet.

Malou Dusyn and I are still creating the Custom Healing Gemstone Necklaces. The response - and the results attained - by individuals has been inspiring. We do ship these necklaces through continental USA, Canada and Great Britain free-of-charge. Especially in the upcoming season, these necklaces afford wonderful healing energy. There's more information about these necklaces on the website. [ + ] Click Here

As always, if you have any questions - do feel welcomed to email or call.

Best Wishes,

Tom Adams Jewelry
Tibetan Imports

If you have questions about these products or would like me to custom design you a necklace from the many different gemstones, beads and amulet/ pendants that you see in this store or would like a specific length etc, you are invited to call me at 860-350-8959.

Free shipping policy on all jewelry items within the USA, Canada and Great Britain. However, free shipping does not apply to Singing Bowl orders outside continental USA. Every necklace purchased comes with a beautiful drawstring pouch handmade by Tibetan artisans.

“I began integrating the use of gemstones and Tibetan healing bowls into my practice as a means to work with the more elemental earth aspects of the healing spectrum. This evolved into making specially designed necklaces for my healing clients. I am now offering these specially designed necklaces through DharmaGoods to all who are interested. ” — Tom Adams

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