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Intended to be more than an ordinary online catalogue, my hope is that you will find Dharma Goods a place to visit often, and a place to feel welcomed. Dharma Goods is an extension of my healing practice - Eastern Healing Arts. Throughout these many years I have had the opportunity to meet and consult with individuals from around the world. Very often these experiences have led to very close and meaningful exchanges, as well as, changes in people's lives. My hope is that you will feel as welcomed and comfortable here.

All items on this site are personally crafted and selected. Items are offered for their inherent beauty, esthetic and healing qualities. If you have any questions, or need any advise regarding a purchase, do feel welcomed to contact me.

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January 2009
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Healing Herbs
I also have healing herbs available on the Eastern Healing Arts website. Rather than include them in Dharma Goods, which is primarily about jewelry and crafted items, it simply seems more appropriate to keep these wonderful cleansing herbs on the site where they are more appropriate to the content. To view the available herbs, click here. [Link will open in a new window.]

Navigating the Dharma Goods webSite
The website is primarily divided into two sections. There is the online store and there are articles and features relating to the jewelry and merchandise I offer. Unlike some sites (and some brick and mortar stores) which feature mass-produced (and lower-quality retail) jewelry or cheap imported reproductions, Dharma Goods strives to offer uniqueness and integrity.

There is an essential relationship between ourselves and the "ornaments" which we wear and carry through life. Some people inherently know what works for themselves. Others may need or want some assistance. Whether you are purchasing for yourself, or for a friend or relative, feel welcomed and invited to contact me directly. If you would like a custom designed piece, a specific strand length for a necklace or bracelet, or simply have a question regarding any of the jewelry or artifacts of Dharma Goods, I look forward to hearing from you.

Have fun exploring.

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