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HEALING GEMSTONES [Revised 12.02.09] Crystal gemstones are a form of anciently formed earth energy which have been used as transmitters and receivers in modern technology, example, early radios used crystals to receive the vibrational frequency of radio waves and transmit them as sound wave vibrations audible to the human ear. Crystals are also used in laser surgery and other modern technologies.

The healing properties of gemstones correspond to their unique vibrational energy and the particular frequency of energy which they transmit and receive. Some gemstones mostly receive and transmute negative physical, emotional and mental energies, other gemstones are better suited for sending energy and some are effective for sending and receiving energy.
Gemstones have been used by healers in most ancient civilizations, and there has been a great revival in the use of gemstones in healing in modern times.

Here are some of the traditional healing properties of the gemstones you will find in the jewelry and malas featured in our store.

Calming, soothing stone helps balance the emotions, protects from electromagnetic radiation, awakens the heart

Calming, and clearing, it is highly recommended for grounding and relieving stress, associated with the 1st or root chakra

Master Healing Gemstone of transmutation which covers the full spectrum of human energies form the base to the crown chakra, increases vivid dreams, enhances peace, and love, fosters ones intuitive capacity, and higher spiritual aspirations, the purple/violet color is very cleansing and helps purify negative energy. Amethyst is a receiver for healing energy and helps focus and send the healing where it is most needed, like rose quartz - it has the vibration of love only with greater clarity of thought, it helps integrate the body with being. A protective stone, it helps shield one from harmful electromagnetic energies. [highly recommende]

A stone of courage, it calms energy, reduces stress and quiets the mind, promotes inner peace.

Grounding stone, helps bring patience and acceptance, good for people who push themselves too hard.

Promotes compassion and empathy, helps calm anger and irritability, protects the heart

Azurite Chrysocolla
Stimulates third eye and intuitive development, calms fears, helps clear worry, grief, stress

An excellent grounding and protection stone, increases courage

Good for stimulating one’s energy, helps heal trauma, stress, and emotional wounds. Aids self actualization, the stone of passion and sexuality, 1st & 2nd Chakra. [highly recommended]


Aqua Blue- A nurturing stone, enhances creativity , flexibility and light heartedness.
Pink- Encourages kindness, empathy, peace and openness to new things.