"All the hand hammered singing bowls featured on Dharma Goods are from the Himalayan Mountain region near Tibet and Nepal and were created for local use 50 to 200 years ago. I have chosen each bowl for its exceptional, tone, size, construction, clarity, resonance, multi-harmonics, healing and meditative qualities and affordability." - Tom Adams

The human body is made of energy, and each body has its own unique vibration and wavelength. Each Singing bowl is also unique and “sings a song” or creates sound waves with a unique frequency of vibration that can go right into and through the body and the cells of the body. These vibrations resonate with the whole body and mind, producing alpha waves in our brains, promoting relaxation and harmony. Singing bowls recreate the original harmonic frequency of all vibration and they can transform a disturbed frequency into a harmonious one. This makes them very effective and beneficial tools for meditation and healing.

The hand hammered Tibetan singing bowls do not have one fixed pitch or tone, as with crystal bowls. It is the multi-harmonic sounds from the mixed metals that make the Tibetan bowls so unique. One bowl can have multiple effects upon oneself and they are easy to use.

Tibetan singing bowls once isolated in the Himalayan mountains for so many years, have appeared in the world, at a decisive time when we need to reconnect with the earth. Now more than ever we need integrate our body, mind, and spirit with our planet and save future generations from the destructive effects of the climatic changes due to global warming, caused by mankind’s ignorance. Similarly, Tibetan Buddhism, once isolated from the world is now taking a stance on global warming and the need to embrace and save our planet. We must start within ourselves, transforming our own minds, bodies, and actions. Tibetan singing bowls are powerful tools for helping us transforms ourselves and therefore our planet.

“Every atom constantly sings a song,
and it is this true tone
that creates finer or denser forms…”.
-Lama Govinda-

Tibetan Singing Bowls
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