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Tithing - The Ancient Law of Prosperity

The foundation for the ancient law of prosperity is the universal belief that true prosperity comes from a spiritual basis. True Generosity is the practice of selfless giving (ie with no strings attached). Prosperity is not just about money. The word wealth means "well-being" and "wholeness..." [Article]

Traditional Properties of Gemstones

Gemstones have been used by healers in most ancient civilizations, and there has been a great revival in the use of gemstones in healing in modern times. Some gemstones (mostly) receive and transmute negative physical, emotional and mental energies, while other gemstones are better suited for sending energy... [Article Revised 12.02.09]

Malas - Prayer Beads

Prayer beads date back to sometime around 500BC and according to most historians the point of origin was somewhere in India. Prayer beads in India came from the ancient Hindu Vedic tradition which had great reverence for sound... [Article]

Ghau - Prayer Box Pendants

Ghau often have intricate designs, auspicious symbols and mantras inscribed on their outer surface Ghau also often contain semi-precious gemstones which have various healing effects on the wearer. The Ghau is used as an amulet to help the wearer to ward off negative energy and attract blessings... [Article]

Tibetan Singing Bowls

All the hand hammered Singing Bowls featured on Dharma Goods are from the Himalayan Mountain region near Tibet and Nepal and were created for local use 50 to 200 years ago. Each has been chosen for its exceptional, tone, size, construction, clarity, resonance, multi-harmonics, healing and meditative qualities and affordability. [More Info]

Necklaces Customed Designed for Your Energy Body

I began integrating the use of gemstones and Tibetan healing bowls into my practice as a means to work with the more elemental earth aspects of the healing spectrum. This evolved into making specially designed necklaces for my healing clients. I am now offering these specially designed necklaces through DharmaGoods to all who are interested. [Revised:12.03.09 / More Info]

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