Hand-Crafted Jewelry by Tom Adams
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Dharma123 $65
A glittering galaxy sun sitara faceted bead necklace with special agate focal bead set in sterling silver with sterling silver beads 21"

Dharma132 Was $35
Now $25 - Save $10!
A simply lovely rose quartz necklace 17"

Dharma137 $55
A very beautiful and varied colored moss agate bead necklace with conch shell focal bead set in sterling silver and yak bone highlight beads w/turquoise and coral inlays 21"

Dharma186 $65
This beautiful jadeite bead necklace has antique copper spacer beads and red agate focal and highlight beads 23"

Dharma027 $95
This pendant hand-made in Nepal by Tibetan artisans has a 3/4 “ turquoise cabochon set in engraved silver and a red coral cabochon set in the tube shaped bail. The back of this amulet is also beautifully engraved. The necklace consists of three types of turquoise, conch shell, malachite and carnelian with antiqued Tibetan silver beads. 23” length

Dharma042 $125
This Conch amulet from Northern India is hand carved and set in engraved silver with a red coral cabochon. The necklace is conch beads set with turquoise, antiqued Tibetan silver beads and black onyx. 20” length

Dharma044 $95
This beautiful and rare conch shell bead necklace from Northern India combined with Turquoise has the added benefits of enhancing intuition and guidance.

Dharma063 $95
Save $20! Now $75!
This unique necklace which radiates earth energy is made from hand carved yak bone beads, bloodstone, red jasper, lemon jade beads set in Tibetan silver and the amulet is natural Tibetan tree resin set in a brass shell with a flower design engraved back. 21” Length

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"There is an essential relationship between ourselves and the jewelry and ornaments which we wear and carry through life. Some people inherently know what works for themselves. Others may need or want some assistance. Whether you are purchasing for yourself, or for a friend or relative, feel welcomed and invited to contact me directly. If you would like a custom designed piece, a specific strand length for a necklace or bracelet, or simply have a question regarding any of the jewelry or Tibetan artifacts of Dharma Goods, I look forward to hearing from you."

Free shipping policy on all jewelry items within the USA, Canada and Great Britain. However, free shipping does not apply to Singing Bowl orders outside continental USA.

Every necklace purchased comes with a beautiful drawstring pouch handmade by Tibetan artisans.

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