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Dharma074 $155
Sale $125!
This Afghani Lapis Lazuli Pendant is set into a repoussee'd Sterling Silver tube bail with double sided Lotus Flower design. The Lapis is large 1.5” length x 1” wide x .5” thick and smooth with golden pyrite inflections. The larger lapis beads are 1’ x 1/2" , the smaller ones are 10mm in diameter. The necklace is hand carved conch beads 8x11 mm with Tibetan silver beads. 19” Length

Dharma078 $155
Sale $125!
Wow! An elaborately engraved brass pendant with turquoise and lapis stones on a necklace of turquoise beads, conch, lapis lazuli, and 2 hand carved conch shell set in brass with turquoise and red coral. 20” length

Dharma087 $145
Sale $125!
An engraved brass amulet with turquoise and coral and a large Tibetan Dzi bead protection stone on a necklace with 2 types of turquoise, carnelian, malachite, red onyx and antiqued brass beads. 19” length $145

Dharma095 $165
Save $40! Now $125!
The beads and amulet in this amazing necklace are hand crafted by Tibetan artisans living in Nepal. The amulet is solid intricately engraved brass with turquoise and carnelian cabochans and a center of Naga conch. The beads are specially carved turquoise, conch, and carnelian. Words just don’t do this justice. 20” Length

Dharma110 $155
Sale $125!
A brass amulet with turquoise, red coral and a necklace of carnelian, turquoise, 6 beautiful hand crafted conch/brass/turquoise and coral beads and Tibetan antiqued brass, A gorgeous necklace! 21” Length

Dharma112 $125
This natural green jade pendant set in silver with a red coral cabochon on a necklace of carnelian and conch is truly unique! One of a kind! 21” Length

Dharma148 $25
This hand carved yak bone and black onyx necklace is especially purifying, grounding, and stylish! 19” length

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Dharma001 $65
Top Grade Akshoya Sea Pearl Necklace
Silver clasp. 7-8mm 46” length.

Dharma025 $25
Tibetan Copper Green Turqouise Necklace
This necklace with an antique feeling has a turquoise focal bead with jade beads and yak bone inlaid with turquoise and coral. Turquoise focal bead approx 19x24mm 21” length.

Dharma142 $25
Red Turquoise Necklace
This beautiful red dyed howlite necklace with Tibetan silver spacer beads and clasp, measures 19” the large stones measure approx 22x26mm

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