Universal Healing Gemstone Necklaces
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Some generic healing necklaces have one type of gemstone representing a unique healing property. Our Healing Gemstone Necklaces are made with a combination of gemstones which specifically complement each other. The power and effectiveness of the individual gemstones is greatly enhanced by the interaction and relationship between and within their combined energies. The combinations used in our Healing Gemstone Necklaces were specifically chosen through the exceptionally clear clairvoyant vision of Malou Dusyn, renowned intuitive consultant and feng shui expert. The natural healing qualities of the gemstones have been further activated by Malou and me and special feng shui crystal energy techniques.

Gemstones, singing bowls, and herbs are used in traditional Tibetan medicine to help facilitate the healing process. These gemstone necklaces work as aids to enhance the power of our own intention. It is important to realize that we must take responsibility for our own lives, our bodies, our minds, our thoughts and each other. Stress is said to be the cause of 85% of illness. Working with our mind, body and emotions through meditation and other mindfulness practices helps reduce stress and promotes deeper healing.

These necklaces are made from mostly 8mm beads and come in 19-20” lengths, however if you prefer a different size, you can special order yours between 17”- 22”, for a small extra fee.

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Strength and Vitality

$75. Carnelian is a gemstone for promoting strength, and vitality, when combined with Turquoise it becomes even more active and powerful.


$75. Rose Quartz in combination with Moonstone and Carnelian helps calm the body/mind and increase fertility. Meditation and mindfulness are also helpful for calming the body/mind and preparing oneself for a new life.

Sexual Healing and Passion

$75. Carnelian has been known as the stone of passion and sexuality and it becomes more effective and healing when combined with rose quartz.

Relationships and Love

$75. This gemstone necklace of Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Green Jade, and Moss Agate will help to promote and enhance relationships by sending out a gentle yet strong energy of love and compassion.

It is also helpful for healing emotional wounds, promoting forgiveness and calming the emotions. Remember, the more love and understanding that you give, the more you will receive.

Mental Clarity and Prosperity in Business

$75. Tigers Eye is helpful for promoting mental clarity, Citrine for prosperity, and red jade for good fortune. This combination of gemstones is particularly helpful in business relations.

The ancient practice of tithing is also helpful for fostering prosperity.

TITHING - The Ancient Law of Prosperity

"The foundation for the ancient law of prosperity is the universal belief that true prosperity comes from a spiritual basis. God, Buddha Nature or Absolute Awareness is the Source of all supply. Our minds, emotions, bodies, our talents, education, experiences, our jobs or professions are all vehicles or instruments of this prosperity..."

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Universal Healing Gemstone Necklaces
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