Tibetan Bracelets & Wrist Malas
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Bracelet001 $25
Wrist Mala

This beautiful yak bone bracelet/ wrist mala inlaid with turquoise, coral, brass and silver is made by a Tibetan artisan in Nepal. There are 27 beads, 1/4 of a full mala.

Bracelet022 $25
Tibetan Bodhiseed and Turquoise
Traditional wrist mala for use by tibetan Buddhist practitioners.

Bracelet003 $25
Metal Medicine Bracelet
Tibetan Buddhist three metal medicine bracelet, said to be good for balancing “the winds”, prana. High Quality!

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Bracelet004 Was $15
Sale $8!
Natural Gemstone Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is made by a Tibetan artisan in Nepal.

Bracelet006 Was $35
Save $10!
Now $25!
Hand-Carved Sardonyx Gemstone Bracelet
Sardonyx gemstone and black onyx bead bracelet is excellent for grounding and calming one’s energy.   Colors will vary slightly

Bracelet009 $25
Jade Flower

Set in a green hand-woven bracelet (adjustable strap). Each piece is unique and will vary slightly in color and shape.

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