Tibetan Bracelets & Wrist Malas
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Bracelet007 $30
Tibetan OM MANI PADME HUM Bracelet

Turquoise inlay, and dragon carved interior. The detailed work on this bracelet is quite beautiful for women and men

Bracelet008 $25
Hand-Carved Jade Flowers Woven Bracelet
Each piece is unique and may vary slightly in color and shape. Adjustable straps.

Bracelet010 $25
Yak Bone Mala
Inlaid with turquoise, coral, brass and silver is made by a Tibetan artisan in Nepal. There are 27 beads, 1/4 of a full mala and measures approx. 7” in length.

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Bracelet011 $25
Endless Knot
Tibetan hand-made Endless Knot yak bone carved bracelet.  7” 

Bracelet021 $25
Hand-Carved Tiger Eye
Beautiful bracelet on durable stretch cord. 5/8" wide

Bracelet016 $30
Hand-Carved Red Tiger Eye
Very rich in color. Durable stretch cord. ± 7"

Bracelet034 $25
Medicine Bracelet YBT
A Tibetan Medicine Bracelet hand-crafted from yak bone and inlaid with turquoise and coral and three metals copper, nickel and brass, helps balance the bodies energies. 9-10mm adjustable.

Bracelet035 $18
Compassion Wrist Mala
Made of Bodhiseeds from Bodha Gaya India (where Shakyamuni awoken to become a Buddha). 11mm beads, stretchy cord.

Bracelet036 $35
Medicine Buddha Wrist Mala
Genuine lapis lazuli with pyrite flecks. 8mm [27] beads, durable stretchy cord.

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